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Protect your home all of the time, with our residential custom CCTV security cameras installations. Our qualified personnel can adapt to your every need, no matter the size and proportions of your property, or the value of your personal possessions. Have a security monitoring off all entrances and exits, and add video identification for all intercoms and/or doorbells. Face recognition can also be added. Feel safer in your home and improve your quality of life.

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Manage and improve your company and employee performance with our custom design of CCTV Security Cameras installations for your business. Our talented experts have in mind the best solution in security monitoringsurveillanceindoor and outdoor security cameras, etc. that can adapted to any workspace. We have covered everything from company headquarters to warehouses and factories. In every case, we have satisfied the demands of the company’s activities. Human Resources is also one of our main focuses in these cases, and that’s why our Access Control protocol is one of the most sought after amongst our clients.

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Small Business

The modern entrepreneur knows that self awareness is the winner’s way in the business world. That is why, no matter the size of their company’s account; a small business owner knows it’s crucial for their growth to have a CCTV Security Camera System in their workspace. Lucky for them, in Security on the Spot we have special offers just for the new small business person, for example, IP camera system an economic solution to a custom CCTV network that provides safety and productivity. You or your employees can also multitask; you can get work done whilst keeping an eye on your monitor and predicting client’s needs.

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Companies in the food industry make up one of the largest share of our client base to date. That’s why our custom CCTV Security Cameras System proposals for the food industry are our best sellers. We cover restaurants, cafés, bars, food courts, strip malls, chain restaurants, you name it! We install security cameras in specific areas, bringing high levels of detail thanks to our nightshot, infrared and thermal cameras. Supervise the kitchen and find out how your cooks are hadling food; or the service entrances, so you are aware of your orders and their timing. Train your staff so they can also take advantage of the technology we provide.

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We have over 17 years’ experience in technological security products and services like HD security cameras, indoor and outdoors, CCTV, access control, networking, audio and video por houses, restaurants, etc. All our services and productos are guarantee. Our staff of engineers and technicians have extensive experience, in order to help you choose the right option for your requirements. We are HIKVISION Authorised Distributor. We service South Florida.